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Rogowski coil 1000A/0.33V

Rogowski coil 1000A/0.33V

Rogowski Coil current Transformers are designed for fast and easy installation on existing primary conductors/ BUS bars. The split design permits non-contact AC current or current pulse measurement without requiring that the primary conductor be taken offline and disconnected for the current sensor installation. This method provides for the safe, easy and portable measurement of current.

A current sensor that is based upon the Rogowski Coil principle offers significant advantages over the standard magnetic core current transformer products. Specifically, since the sensor does not incorporate a magnetic core, magnetic core saturation (the point where incremental increases in magnetic flux are not reflected in proportional increases in secondary signal outputs) is avoide


  • Rated input current: 1000A
  • ated output: 0.333Vac at rated current with Integrator
  • Accuracy:±1% from 5% to 120% of rated current with integrator(45-65Hz)
  • Phase Angle: ≤±1°5% to 120% from 5% to 120% of rated current
  • Linear: 0.5%
  • Frequency: 1Hz-1MHz ,50/60 Hz nominal
  • Work Voltage: 600V
  • Power supply: 7-30VDC (9 Vdc,12 Vdc recommended )
  • Coil Diameter: 10.5mm
  • Window size: 100mm,150mm or as per customer ordered
  • Wire lead: 1 meter sheath cable or as customers order
  • Withstand Voltage:3000V
  • Operating temperature: -25℃-+70℃
  • IP class : IP65
  • CE recognized. RoHS Compliant
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